Young Women Alicia Barnes presents Your Sorority

Mental health issues among young black women is rarely discussed, let alone challenged. Yet it’s becoming an increasing problem, as more and more vulnerable young women and mothers begin to struggle with issues which relate to mental health, but often is misunderstood or misinterpreted for being angry, disillusioned or disaffected.
When we think of ‘Sorority’s’ it tends to conjure the idea of all-girl societies at American colleges centred around Greek traditions, or in Birmingham, the numerous women business groups that have formed in recent years, but Alicia has been working on creating a new definition. Young Women Alicia Barnes presents Your Sorority.

Our Sorority CIC is a social enterprise, whose focus is, “Working together to empower young women and promote Personal, Professional and Parental development.” Lead by Alicia they provide a wide range of skills and support through mentoring, workshops and family support for vulnerable young women & mothers aged 15-25.

We speak with Alicia to learn more and to get her take on the latest criticisms of Azealia Banks, as we ask whether her creative and passion is being confused for being crazy!

Contact Our Sorority to learn more. Telephone, 07788 377 522 or email,

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