Young Entrepreneurs – Are you being Taken Seriously?

Young Entrepreneurs have so much value to offer the business world, and in recent years, there is clear evidence! Jamal Edwards MBE, founded SB.TV in 2006 at 16 years old and as of early 2014 had an estimated net worth of £30 million![1]

Mark Zuckerberg is of course the founder and Facebook which he started as a College Student and even Justin Bieber achieved stardom by being Entrepreneurial and using YouTube as a platform for his talent[2].

Yet, it can be a challenge convincing a potential client to part with their cash, particularly if you are perceived to have little / limited experience.
Jamal Edwards, Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Bieber have not allowed their youth to stand in the way of success, and neither do you!

In this segment, I will give you some insight into how you can be taken more seriously.

The key is to focus on the positives. How is your youth an advantage to you? Does your appearance and behaviour matters and if so, how? Why is your reputation important and what can you do to affect it?

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