Why Learning about Money is Critical to our Children?

International Speaker with the Orange Tie, Steve Beckles-Ebusua is back in the New Style Radio studio’s this Friday to explain why Learning about Money is Critical to our Children?

What should we be teaching our children about money? How can we use these lessons to help our children navigate the world of money and finance? What did you learn about money and how has this affected the lessons you are teaching your children?

Find out more with Steve Beckles-Ebusua, this Friday from 10am! To learn more in the meantime take a look at some of Steve’s Books, including, ‘Because I Said So!!! Understanding Your Teenager: Effective Tips, Techniques, Anecdotes & Ideas for Parenting Teenagers‘; ‘What Is Scaring You about Speaking in Public?; and, ‘101 Inspirational Quotes Two: The Power Of Words Collection: Volume 2 (Inspirational Two)‘.

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About Steve:
Steve Beckles-Ebusua is an expert in helping teenagers, undergraduates and graduates to overcome self-defeating beliefs and habits holding them back from reaching their full potential. Further accomplishments include, training and mentoring the young people featured on the now award winning campaign, Barclays Life Skills commercials, which aired on TV throughout 2014, he received recognition from The Times newspaper in May 2015 for his work, and since his last visit (December 2015), Steve has been invited to speak in LA and Cyprus.

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