Time for Paycation – Toniann Francis-Cooper

What is Paycation?  Well, Paycation Travel has become one of the leading providers of travel services who work with Xstream Travel to provide members professional training to become a Referral Travel Consultant or a Certified Travel Consultant. Xstream Travel is a 12 year old licensed and bonded travel agency.

But what does this mean if you are an entrepreneur or wanting to generate further income streams, or a full time employee wanting an additional income? Whilst there are several ways to earn an income and make money with Paycation, I wanted to find out what it was really all about it, how it was suitable for entrepreneurs of all types, and how my a special guest Toniann Francis–Cooper has been able to benefit from it as an Entrepreneur or Travel Consultant.

Toniann Francis–Cooper joins me in the studio to explain all.  Click play to listen to the interview, and to learn more about Toniann and the Paycation opportunities are available in the UK visit TD2R.com and Toniann’s Facebook page.

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