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Financial Style on New Style Radio 98.7fm
Financial Style on New Style Radio 98.7fm

Making Money, Make Sense!

The Financial Style radio show is a magazine style show focused on providing you with insight into daily money matters, financial management and business success! It is produced and presented by Merisha Stevenson, and airs live every Friday morning at 10am on New Style radio 98.7fm.

We take the time to manage our image, whether it’s in the clothes we wear, or the car we drive, and consider the effort that we make! But do we pay as much attention to our Financial Style?

What is our financial brand? Budget or Designer?


Our mission at the Financial Style is to pro-actively engage and inspire, by exploring, educating and informing on relevant business and personal financial information and wealth creation opportunities.

We pack as much as we can into the Show! Features include, tips for business success, and making the most of your money, special reports, and discussions to help us consider sometimes controversial or complicated financial considerations.

However what makes are show is you. We want to hear what you have to say! What are your concerns? How have you learned from your experiences? What is your Financial Style?

You can engage in the show in a number of ways!
– Contribute your Expertise
– Promote your services and products
– Sponsorship, or
– Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram and tell us your views

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