Teenpreneur – Interview with Author, Errol Lawson

Teenpreneur: How to build a business in your teens’, is the latest title from Author and Co-Founder of Emerge UK and Ghana, Errol Lawson.  Passionate about business and young people, Teenpreneur aims to present the “ABCs of entrepreneurship” by guiding and sharing the key steps to building a business, so your Teens can start early!

As we discussed some the merits of the book, Errol provides insights into the areas that he believes a critical in assisting young people to create success early on.  He explains in detail his philosophy for supporting the talents and ambitions of young people, and his belief that by turning their already demonstrated talents and skills to legitimate areas for making money will assist in them developing.

Ideal for parents, budding entrepreneurs as well as teenagers, this book targets the key areas for building a successful than business, and aims to communicate in a language conducive to the current business and social climate.

Take a listen to hear how Teenpreneurs can build a business in their teens.

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