Supermarkets Tricks Duping Customers?

The Supermarkets have been in the spotlight recently after the results of an investigation undertaken by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) revealed that many are using tricks to confuse customers into thinking they are getting better value than they are! This has led to widespread criticism and a series of recommendations from the CMA to bring clarity to pricing and promotion across the industry.

The investigation was started as a result of a ‘super-complaint’ made by Which? the consumer publication submitted a lengthy dossier arguing that the supermarkets had duped customers are out of millions of pounds for the use of “dodgy multi-buys deals, shrinking products and baffling sales offers”.  The supermarket sector was estimated to be worth £148bn and £178bn in 2014.

So this week I’m looking at the tricks of the trade there have been falling us into thinking we’re getting a better deal than we actually are.  Listen and learn what to look out for.

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