Siobhan Harper-Nunes – You are Limitless

Siobhan Harper-Nunes believes that, “…we author our own lives…”. Founder of Shakti Women Ltd, Siobhan is living her passion to support women to grow their dreams. A Trainer, Executive Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and amazing Writer, Siobhan sights further passions for developing the next generation of Young Entrepreneurs and is working with Birmingham based charity BRAP to make it happen.

She joins me in the studio to Call Young Entrepreneurs to Action, by introducing a fantastic opportunity for budding entrepreneurs interested in developing Internet based businesses. Plus we also find out more about Shakti Women and what it offers Women in Business, why we all need to support the Amirah Foundation and Siobhan leaves us with her Final Words of Inspiration!

Follow the links to learn more about Shakti Women Ltd, how to support the Amirah Foundation and how to sign up for the BRAP Entrepreneur Project which will aid young aspiring online entrepreneurs, free of charge.
And check out Siobhan’s Final Words here…


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