Shakti Women Pledge to Amirah Foundation

10 Shakti Women headed by Founder, Siobhan Harper-Nunes are raising funds (goal of £10,000) for the Amirah Foundation by each walking 100 miles throughout October to raise awareness and funds.

The Amirah Foundation helps women flee abusive relationships; gets them a home with accredited landlords; works with agencies; legal aid, housing and welfare advice to help them resettle; offers trauma counselling and psychotherapy; supports them to rebuild their confidence to create a life, and offers training in job search skills, financial literacy, debt management and business start-up skills.

And you help is needed too! Whether it’s your time, sponsorship of Shakti Women walking throughout October or donations, all support is welcomed.

To offer your support, email Siobhan Harper-Nunes or call 0121 456 5122 and say: I’m here to help! Or visit Shakti Women’s Just Giving page to make a donation.

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