Sent Home for Not Wearing Heels – Justified or Not?

This week, it’s emerged that a London receptionist was sent home from work without pay after refusing to wear high heels.  Temp worker Nicola Thorp aged 27 years old, arrived at finance company PwC and was told that she should be wearing heeled shoes with a 2 to 4 inch heel.  When she refused, she reports that she was laughed at, and eventually sent home.

Many have argued that Ms. Thorp was treated unfairly and discussions of sexism in the workplace have arisen.  However, outsourcing firm Portico has stated that Ms. Thorp had “signed the appearance guidelines”, which would suggest some awareness of their expectations; although they since been reviewed their policy in respect of this.

So this morning, we ask the question was it right to send her home for refusing to wear heels, or is this indeed an issue of sexism against women in the workplace? You may be surprised by our views!

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