Selina Brown shares how to ‘Own Your Power!’

Own your Power is the latest series of workshops to come from Little Miss Creative, an organisation founded by Selina Brown whose aim is to ‘create the next generation of free thinking female leaders that will inform and shape the future’.

Selina Brown began her bid for success early.  At the age of 16 she was a member of the Youth Parliament, and went on to achieve 3 degrees including a Masters in Media Enterprise.  Having developed her career, with accomplishments as a filmmaker, time spent working in New York, and founding Creative High, Selena’s mission in her own words, is to ‘empower young creative females across the globe’.

The Own Your Power 6 part program begins on Monday 10th August with ‘Create Like a Boss’ and ends with ‘Vision It’ on 20th August 2015. Selina joins me in the studio to talk about her journey and how you can Own your Power.

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