Secure New Business at the Small Business Exchange

Wouldn’t it be great to be guaranteed new clients at your next networking event?

Small businesses that do business with other small businesses perform better and enjoy supplier relationships for longer!  With a better understanding for each others needs and capabilities, small businesses exchanging business can be very fruitful. Yet attracting business from contemporaries can be challenging, as despite there being 4 million small businesses in the UK, without big advertising budgets and sophisticated marketing strategies, attracting new customers can be challenging.

To address this, Marketing Specialist and Director of Other Peoples Data, Una Brown is hosting a Small Business Exchange on Thursday 26th May 2016.

Unlike other networking events, you will be certain to have your presence felt by all attendees.  Alongside being able to bring along your marketing banners and other Marketing Materials, you’ll also get the opportunity to tell the audience, ‘what you can do for them’ and explain, ‘what you need from them’ so that you can build mutually beneficial business relationships.

Una joins us in the studio to explain why it’s important for small businesses to exchange services, and explain how you can get involved that the forthcoming event.

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