Secrets to Success! Co-opetition

It can be easy to feel like you are missing a trick, when peering into the lives of the Rich, Wealthy and Famous, yet the answers are all around us, and have been forever! Arguably it’s a secret because we choose not to know, or misunderstand the impact that applying the principle may have – instead we chose to be too competitive an often valuable trait of Entrepreneurs – that is counterproductive to achieving lasting and sustainable success.

Have you considered working with your competition rather than just against them? Think about it, isn’t it already a prominent feature of industry, just think about the co-operation between our leading banks and supermarkets?

It’s called Co-opetition; according to Sue Stockdale, ‘it is an approach that involves competitors pooling their knowledge, skills and resources to co-create a new solution or add greater value to all parties’.

Listen to learn more about Co-opetition and how you can use it to unlock your secrets to success.


Inspired by Sue Stockdale, Contributor to

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