Preparing Next Week’s Shift? Get Happy Rota

Planning the rota for your team with different shift patterns, availability, rates and holidays can be a nightmare for even the most experienced HR / Payroll Officer or Business Manager so wouldn’t be great if it became so easy that a 6 year old could do it?

Well, IT Specialist, Danny Nbanginu has created the solution. Happy Rota is an online Scheduling and Resources Management system designed to meet the information management needs of companies providing services requiring shift rota systems in single or multiple locations. Based on a simple, ‘drag & drop’ principle to resource management, the system will also calculate pay, generate invoices and various reports, and provides easy document management and tracking. Happy Rota offers sophisticated functionality that is easy to use and it is fantastic for taking the challenge out of managing Nursing and Domiciliary Care Agencies. Meticulous in its design with keen consideration to the needs of businesses, this product is in fact suitable to a number of other industries requiring shift work staff across multiple allocations.

So when you are Preparing Next Week’s Shift? Get Happy Rota. (View a demonstration of Happy Rota)

Take a listen to learn about the product and how it could benefit your business, and see the clip below where Danny reminds us all of the importance of not giving up.

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