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Failing to plan, is as we all know, planning to fail, and Selina Brown wants you to start 2016 with your plan for Success. Since her last visit the Financial Style show and New Style radio 98.7fm, she has continued to pursue her goals, which has seen her visit 3 continents and launch her book, Before Breath in New York. So find out how you can make your Next 365 what you want. Listen to the interview below:

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Selina Brown is a Creative Entrepreneur with a desire to give back. She began early, as at 16 she was a member of the Youth Parliament, and went on to achieve 3 degrees including a Masters in Media Enterprise. Founder of a number of ventures including Little Miss Creative, Selina is working to her objective to ‘empower young creative females across the globe’, and this includes helping to develop your own plan for success in 2016.

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