Outstanding Foster Carer Maxine Palmer-Hunter

Foster Carers are much needed as thousands of children remain in the care sector, whether long or short term. However it can be challenging; which makes the endeavours of Maxine Palmer-Hunter, an Entrepreneur and Foster Carer with her Husband Dan all the more admirable.

As a Secondary School Teacher and College and University Lecturer, Sexual Health Advisor and Domestic Abuse Practitioner, it may seem obvious that Maxine would gravitate to helping others, particularly young people. Yet, she’s not limited herself and has also gathered expertise in Suicide Prevention (ASIST), Prisoner Advocate for Health, and Mental Health First Aider.

When accepting an emergency placement in 2006, Maxine and Dan opened the doors to their home. Unbeknownst to them, they were about to make a huge change to a young person’s life and so it was only fitting that they were nominated for and subsequently awarded the 2015 Outstanding Contribution to Fostering award at the recent Foster Talks Awards Ceremony in London.

Yet, Maxine’s journey is continuing, as along with this award, she received 5 others from Success Makers and is Director for R.A.I.S.E. Education, Training and Mentoring Centre which offers academic and vocational programs and mentoring. She is also Insurance Affiliate and Consultant for Fostering Legal Services.

Maxine joins me in the studio to share her story as a Foster Carer and achievement as an Entrepreneur. Here Maxine gives us a sense of who she is, and offers her final words of advice to potential Foster Carers.

Maxine would like to acknowledge the involvement of Fostering Dimensions Ltd, Birmingham City Council, St. Basils, Shared Lives and Foster Talk in her journey to date.

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