Nominate your Unsung Heroes for the REEBA Awards

The Regional Entrepreneur Empowerment Business Awards (REEBA) is in its 4th year and going from strength to strength. Founded by Ms Ché aka Boss Lady, this prestigious ceremony, has a serious undertone and was created as part of Invest in Success CIC after the 2011 UK riots, when the Boss Lady decided that it was time to take a stand and support the disadvantaged, disaffected and create a platform for those working to make a change to be recognised and celebrated. So it’s time to nominate your unsung heroes for the REEBA Awards.

With powerful stories and testimonies of change as a direct result of the REEBA Awards, previous winner Anaya Kamara and regional ambassador for Birmingham & the West Midlands, Saira Nisa of Higher Aspirations, together with the Boss Lady joins us in the studio to explain why it’s important to recognise our unsung heroes and how you can nominate yours for an award this year. (Please note: voting closes 30th April 2016)

The ladies were joined by work experience and they looked like they had plenty of fun

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