Market outside the Box like Kanye West

You could have the greatest business idea, service or product in the world. If no one knows about it, then what’s the point? Yet, with social media and so many mediums for marketing available these days, then how can you Market outside of the Box to get noticed?

The music industry provides a great example of an industry saturated. Mediums like YouTube means that good products and artists can stand out – and have; particularly for those who engaged with those mediums in the early days. However for the standard artist these days – marketing despite their stardom still has to be strategised – Beyonce is waiting for the furore over Adele’s album to quiet down; Rihanna can’t seem to figure out when she’s going to release her album, and so it’s not surprising that Kanye West has had to create some buzz around his pending release.

Firstly he changed the name of his album publicly at least twice, with even Mrs. West – Kardashian using her Instagram feed as a way of canvassing advice from her followers; and he’s announced that he will be playing his entire album at a special event at Madison Square Gardens, which will then be streamed into international cinemas across the world. A method of release never heard of!

So in this week’s Business Insight, I’m looking at how you can Market outside of the Box like Kanye West.

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