Make Money from the ‘Speaker in You’

Steve Beckles-Ebusua is the Speaker with the Orange Tie, and is one on the UK’s leading Professional & Inspirational Speakers with more than 15 years’ experience, so if you want to earn money as a professional speaker, he is a good source of advice. Back for the 2nd show in our 3 part series, Steve shares the benefits of being a professional speaker, the steps that you need to take to make it work for you, and he makes a high value (but limited) offer to Financial Style and New Style radio listeners which you can see him giving some explanation of below.

About Steve Beckles-Ebusua
Steve is a Trainer, Coach, Author, and the founder of a personal development business. He focuses his expertise in helping teenagers, undergraduates and graduates to overcome self-defeating beliefs and habits holding them back from reaching their full potential.

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He was the man who trained and mentored the young people featured on the now award winning campaign, Barclays Life Skills commercials, which aired on TV throughout 2014, and he has received recognition from The Times newspaper in May 2015, as well as being invited to host the Transformation Trust Rock Assembly Futures Fair at Wembley Conference Centre in July 2015. Since then Steve has spoken in Austria, as well as across the country. His message is captivating and his deliver awe inspiring.

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And Part 2:

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