Know the Ledge with Cipher J.E.W.E.L.S

Know The Ledge, Documentary Premier & Book Launch is taking place on Sun 30th Jan at the Custard Factory. Headed by Cipher JEWEL, Project Manager, Artist, Producer, Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur for 7E Youth Academy, Know the Ledge addresses our (the Black Community) contribution to Britain and the world. Black migration to the UK did not start with Windrush. Our contributions have been present in the UK for centuries, including Black Roman Generals who ruled in England.

Cipher is not only passionate about our role in history in fact he himself has a rich story which includes 25 years engaged in the music industry; he has managed numerous local, national and international projects; he acts as advisor to the European Union regarding practical applications of youth development strategies and is Director of Property Savers and Sankofa Centre.

Learn more about, 7E Youth Academy, Know the Ledge and Cipher JEWELS:

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Part 2:

The book is authored by Cipher J.E.W.E.L.S and Dr Martin Glynn, with contributions made by, Malik MD7, Jawar MD7, Big V, Kadi, Juice Aleem, Jordanne Cameron, Hitman Invasion, Opiffawana, Meeks, Haley Millard, Streetz Preacher, Lozells Mandem, and Raaz.

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