Is it time for a Career Change?

Do you dread going to work, and look forward to clocking out as soon as you’ve clocked in? Then maybe, it’s time for a Career Change.

Finding the right career, rarely happens overnight and it often involves much trial and error; but how do you know when it’s time to walk away and seek something more enjoyable, fulfilling, and/or profitable?

Well there are signs all around us that may be indicating that it’s time for pastures new. Some include: –

  1. Your body is telling you – Examples of this include declines in mental and physical health. Do you find it hard to get out bed in the morning? Are you suffering from stress and fatigue? You spend so much time at work, it will show its effect on your body in some way.
  2. Are you just there for the money? Whilst we all have to earn to live, sticking at it just for the money is unlikely to be worth it in the end. It could lead to resentment and stress that adversely affects other areas of your life! Find your happiness and it is likely that the money will follow you, rather than you chasing it. It could be a good time to look into monetising your passion.
  3. You feel lost / You’ve lost your passion – Is your job serving your passion? Have you lost enthusiasm for your work or even life? We all have talents and passion but the grind of a job you dislike can erode that away leading to unhappiness or discontent. If you’ve lost your passion, it’s time to look for it again, and even if it cannot be your financial answer, it could offer you invaluable food for your soul!

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