Is Azealia Banks Passionate or Potty, Creative or Crazy?

Last week Azealia Banks hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  After a spate of incidents that have seen her use social media settings including Twitter for provocative social media postings, the latest and last being Zayn Malik (formerly of One Direction), she finally had the account and suspended from Twitter forcing had to turn to her Instagram account days later to express the apologies. But what is this all about? Is Azealia Banks Passionate or Potty, Creative or Crazy?

In addition to being removed from Twitter however, she was also removed from headlining a number of shows including Rise: Born and Bred in Hackney, London: again for derogatory comments made on social media.  But are these comments the frustrated musings of a creative in a world where she simply wants the freedom to express herself?  Or are they indicative of a much deeper issue relating to mental health and black women? And irrespective, is the method of delivery destroying any validity that may exist in the message?

Rakeem and I discuss these questions, as well as looking at a bit more of the story behind azalea banks and the controversy to understand whether she is Passionate or Potty? Creative or crazy?

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