How to Manage Older People – Tips

Managing team members older than you can be challenging!

Whether you are new to the business or benefiting from a promotion, your euphoria is possibly in contrast their dread: as it is likely that your mature team is likely to see a less mature superior. So what can you do to gain and retain their respect?

1.    Get a Mentor. Seek support and guidance for an experienced manager. They may also be able to give you further insights into your team, as well as act as a soundboard for your concerns and ideas.
2.    Talk to each individual as soon as possible. This will help you both get to know each other and enables you to establish rapport. Continue regular communication with your team, updating them on changing expectations as well as informed.
3.    Use the maturity and experience of your team. Good managers learn to understand the strengths of their team members and are prepared to learn from them.
4.    Be a leader. Make your decisions and stand by them.
5.    Give them time to adjust, to you and your leadership style.

1.    Be dismissive or verbally disrespectful. Can be easy to dismiss the views and attributes of your team when you are new to the role and full of ideas. This will only lead to resentment.
2.    Be intimidated. You will likely lose all respect!
3.    Encourage Mentoring. Acting as mentors for older team members can be a positive way for them to share their knowledge and make them feel valued.
4.    Try to prove yourself! You can make enemies quickly if you don’t avoid this. You do not have to justify your position, just do your job.

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