How to Find Your Passion and Live Your Purpose with Heidi Fisher

To Find Your Passion and Live Your Purpose, particularly when you can monetise it, can offer enormous fulfilment and happiness, as well as excellent value for society. However the responsibilities of life, unexpected twists and turns along the way and distractions such as needing to earn a living, can mean that it is easy to slip into a life which is not representative of your passion or purpose.

Heidi Fisher has made this transition. From being an Accountant with a successful business, Heidi recognised that her passions and with it purpose had evolved. It was no longer her passion to teach others numbers or help clients with a calculator. Instead, Heidi knew that it was time to make a change, and so she sold her business and established Pursuing Your Purpose Ltd. She joins us in the studio to explain how you can also find your passion and live your purpose.

Take a listen to learn more, and Heidi reveals how your body can tell your truth with some simple exercises, and the early ages at which we form beliefs that affect the rest of our lives.

(Listening & Viewing time: 20mins)

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