Habits of Mentally Tough People

Mental Resilience is required to navigate through life! Whether an Entrepreneur, Employee, or Student, we all hit bumps in the road. ‘Pull yourself together’ and ‘Get over it’ are easy to say, but it’s often not that easy to do. It can be particularly challenging when you are feeling at a low ebb and stuck in a rut! However, if you can master it then it could help you to break through barriers, and achieve more than you can imagine.

Mentally tough people do extraordinary things: recently Serena Williams completed her 2nd Serena Slam and became the oldest woman at 33 to win a major; throughout which she showed mental toughness to support her physical dexterity and continues her quest to make history and become the best female tennis player of all time!

So what sets people like Serena apart? What is Mental Toughness and Resilience?

Click play above to find out how, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence, the Ability to Say No and Recognise Limitations all play a part in developing and maintain Mental Toughness. Get an insight into the tools of the most successful!


Inspired by Steve Tobak, Co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart

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