Get Media Exposure for your Business

Media exposure can be an effective for helping your business to develop a competitive edge, as you gain an opportunity to put your message in front of a larger audience. With an educational focus rather than, advertising, this can help you to become recognised as an Expert and your business, a leader in its industry.

There are proven techniques that you can use to get your business noticed by the Media: –
1.    Start locally – If you’re new or just want to be noticed, this can be a good way to get started. Not only can you use your local knowledge to your advantage and address issues of local concern, you can also get media training on a small stage, therefore risking less and gaining practise.
2.    Pitch yourself as an Expert, rather than your business as the story. By staying in tune with news stories, you can pitch yourself to experts to talk about certain subjects or industries.
3.    Podcast – You don’t have to rely on the press for a media voice, you can these days, create your own. A podcast can give you an opportunity to develop a network, speak as an Expert and discuss aspects of your business without restriction – just remember to keep it interesting!

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