Financial Style – 15th Jan 2016

In this week’s Financial Style we meet Danny Nbanginu, IT Specialist, and creator of Happy Rota a bespoke staff management system that would indeed make you happy, if you are responsible for organising shifts for your staff and responsible for payroll.

In Life & Style we explore the virtues of the prenuptial agreement, as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini not only faces her second divorce, but also the possibility of losing 50% of her fortune for just 19 months of marriage, and all because it is reported that there is no pre-nup in place. In fact she has been reported as saying that they are ‘disgusting’.

It’s all about Pensions for the Under 40s in this week’s Money Matters, as figures based on new State Pension rules suggests that at least 16 million of us are likely to be worse off in the future.

It was a busy day in the studio and so we didn’t have a chance to wish Dr Martin Luther King Jr happy birthday! In honour of his memory, I take heart in reflecting on a message from one of his speeches, ‘Black is Beautiful’.

Thank you Dr King for your legacy and Happy Birthday

Life & Style: from start
Interview: 11m 18secs
Money Matters: 33m 28secs
Events: 43m 11secs

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