Financial Style – 8th Jan 2016

In this week’s Financial Style, we start 2016 with a look at how to Find Your Passion & Live Your Purpose with Heidi Fisher who is living hers by helping and supporting others to live theirs! Part of achieving this may be to give up your job to start something new, and so in Business Insight, I am sharing some Signs that it’s Time to Quit.

With some focus on money for 2016, Money Matters is focused on financial recovery from Christmas, as it’s been reported that ¼ of us borrowed money at Christmas and therefore are beginning with increased debt this year. Plus, in a new format for 2016, Rakeem and I discuss whether it is right for someone to borrow money from their partner, and then disappear, without paying it back after a break up?

Finally, as we are keen to start the year positively and in the right mind-set, this week’s Millionaire Mind-set is focused on the Secret Mind-sets of Millionaires.

Plus as usual I’ll tell you What’s Hot & What’s Not and share with you Networking Events to attend this January.

What’s Hot & What’s Not: 3m 09secs
Business Insight: 25m 01secs
Life & Style: 29m 34secs
Money Matters: 34m 06secs
Interview: 39m 54secs
Millionaire Mind-set: 1h 09m 34secs

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