Financial Style – 5th June 2015

Interested in making your own app?  Find out how to get things started during this week’s business insight.  And in money matters, I am sharing with you the reasons why we all make bad financial decisions, as well as, of course what we can do to avoid them. This includes making sure you don’t lose your house in the current economic environment.

However, to keep it positive, we launched a new segment called a Millionaire’s Mindset, and get started by looking at how you can become a millionaire and develop the right mindset.  In addition to this, we have our usual segments had taken a look at What’s Hot and What’s Not, this week’s Networking Events and of course What Happened on this Day in Financial History, which includes the birth of new style radio’s very own called for by the spice of Friday afternoon jam in which you errors from noon each week.  Happy birthday Corporal Billie!

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