Financial Style – 5th Feb 2016

This week’s show is about making things happen! We meet the Queen of the Crop, Nzinga Graham-Smith of Covet Collection, shapewear for women of colour and Mr NK of NK Kreations, inventor of Tune Times Table who’s determined to reclaim the Guinness World Record for the largest maths class.

In Business Insight, Rakeem and I are talking about the Black Pay Gap and considering what may be the contributing factors. It is all about racism or are there others considerations that may be affecting this unfair and unjustified disparity.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we didn’t have time on the show, but here I will share some tips for the day of love, so you can be prepared for 14th February 2016.

Plus, this week, we started Throwback Friday; homage to old school music and it will feature from now on at the beginning of every month. So tell us which tracks you want to here?

Finally find out about some of the latest Networking Events in your area!

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