Financial Style – 20th May 2016

This week we’re talking to more great entrepreneurs with Millionaire Mind-sets.  We find out how Producer & Filmmaker Josh Bridge went from his A Level’s to producing a show for Viacom within 3 years. From Heels Off to Being Mary Jane Uncovered, we talk to Josh about his journey and find out what’s next!

Plus, it’s National Mental Health Awareness Week and so we speak to Alicia Barnes of Our Sorority, who gives us some insight into Mental Health issues which affect Women; young ones in particular to find out what support is available and why it’s needed.

Songwriter & Rapper, Azealia Banks brings both conversations together, as she has featured in the news this week for being removed from twitter after her latest rants. As an international black female in the world of music and media, Rakeem and I, in this week’s Life & Style ask whether these outbursts, which have become increasingly part of her repertoire, are damaging, not just to her, but to the industry and her peers: and whether they are just rants of a young angry black woman or indicative of other issues.

In Money Matters we look at the changing world of Property Investment and why it’s becoming more difficult for you to secure or a Buy-to-let Mortgage.

With such a busy show we didn’t get a chance to discuss much else, so follow the links to the forthcoming Networking Events that you can attend.

What’s Hot & Not: 00min 12secs
Money Matters – Is Property Investment Becoming a Rich Person’s Game?: 22min 06secs
Life & Style – Azealia Banks – Passionate or Potty? Creative or Crazy?: 27min 26secs
Millionaire Mindset – Interview – Josh Bridge from Heels Off to Being Mary Jane: 41m 52secs
Interview – Alicia Barnes presents Her Sorority for Young Women: 1h 00min 20secs

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