Financial Style – 19th Feb 2016

This week we focused on How to Teach Children about Money with Author, International Inspirational Speaker and Expert in helping Young People, Steve Beckles-Ebusua. In Business Insight I’m asking whether you are using telephone apps to support your business and work, and sharing apps that could be beneficial to you on a day to day basis.

It’s all about how to get on to the Property Ladder in this week’s Money Matters, as reports surface to show research is suggesting the by 2025 one quarter of the nation will be private renters. Not necessarily easy, it may require Discipline which is our focus for Millionaire Mindset.

Rakeem and I are discussing the EU and talk of a Brexit, asking the question who does it affect and how might it affect us, and whether the decision should be left to the over eighteens or if indeed 16 & 17 year old’s should be in given a voice?

Plus, we have all of the usual for including What’s Hot & What’s Not in the business and financial news, which networking Events to attend particularly as we approach international women’s day, and women’s month, as well as what happened on this Day in Financial History.

What’s Hot & Not: 02min 49secs
Business Insight – Are you using your Smart Phone Wisely? 12min 45secs
Money Matters – How to prepare for the Property Ladder: 19min 57secs
Life & Style – To Brexit or not? 25min 19secs
Interview – Steve Beckles-Ebusua – Tips for Teaching your Children about Money: 40min 22secs
Millionaire Mind set – Is lack of Discipline affecting your Success? 1h 07min 25secs
Events: 1h 12min 35secs

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