Financial Style – 13th May 2016

This week we’re talking to entrepreneurs with Millionaire Mind-sets.  First, we hear from Funke Abimbola, multi award winning Lawyer and Diversity Campaigner, and friend of the show, who has established the Akindolie Medical Scholarship in honour of her late father, Dr. Frank Olufemi Akindolie.  We also speak to, brothers and co-Directors of digital marketing agency Studio 14 and designers of Edu-App ‘Fight the Virus’, Tobi & Timi Oludayomi to learn why being inexperienced doesn’t stop them from being successful young entrepreneurs.

The EU referendum is drawing closer, and so for Life and Style, Marcus Bernasconi our Political Reporter is back in studio to give us an update on both sides of the argument, and who’s saying what!

With plenty to discuss this week, in Business Insight, Rakeem and I debate whether a young lady reportedly sent home from work for refusing to wear high heel shoes was justifiably sent home, or a victim of sexism?  You may be surprised to know which one of us agrees, and which one of us doesn’t!

And the verdict is in – Yvonne Mosquito has been found guilty of gross misconduct and has formally stepped down from her role as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.  Rakeem and I consider the impact of this case on all concerned, particularly the relationship between the black community and the police.

We also review the forthcoming Networking Events that you can attend, and of course look at what happened on this day in Financial History.

What’s Hot & Not: 02min 20secs
Business Insight – Sent Home for Refusing to Wear Heels – Justified or Not – debate: 21min 52secs
Millionaire Mindset – Interview – Funke Abimbola presents The Akindolie Medical Scholarship: 30m 37secs
Life & Style – EU Update with Marcus Bernasconi: 39min 33secs
Interview – Tobi & Timi Oludayomi  – How to be Successful Entrepreneurs: 46min 21secs
The Verdict is in on Yvonne Mosquito, former Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner: 1h 01min 38secs
Events – 1h 12min 38secs
Financial History – 1h 17min 13secs

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