Financial Style – 12th Feb 2016

This week on the Financial Style, we are talking to the ladies of Heels Off, an online talk show hosted by five ladies Rita Balogun, Amina Habeeb, Mercedes Benson, Ashley Watt and Oloni, to find out how they began, the ‘black Loose Women’ and what you can expect from their show.

With Valentines Day around the corner, Rakeem and I discuss the relevance of this day of love in Life & Style, and ask is it too commercialised, is it reflective of our lack of romance in relationships and is money becoming too important in relationships, if being used as a weapon to manipulate?

In Millionaire Mind-set, I’m explaining why Talent is not Enough and sharing some habits to adopt to either fully exploit your talents or to surpass those more talented.

Plus, as usual we also take a look at What’s Hot & What’s Not, as well as reviewing which events you should be at over the coming days and weeks.


What’s Hot & What’s Not – 1min 53secs

Life & Style: Valentine’s Day Debate – 14min 21secs

Life & Style: Is Money a Weapon in Relationships – 24min 29secs

Heels Off: Interview with Rita & Oloni – 36min 48secs

Millionaire Mind-set: Talent Isn’t Enough – 1hr 15min 08secs

Events – 1hr 25min 18secs

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