Elevate your Business with a Great Marketing Pitch – OPD

Marketing Expert, Una Brown of Other Peoples Data joins me in the studio to talk about Marketing! What do you need to think about when creating a Marketing Plan? How can you ensure your networking is effective? What should you consider when developing your brand? How do you create a Winning Elevator Pitch?

Part 1 – Tips for Marketing Success

Part 2 – Prepare your Elevator Pitch

With 10 years’ experience, Una has a history of creating real success for SME’s, through introducing effective Marketing Strategies and providing high quality prospect and lead generation data. One of her key strengths is to also providing training and coaching for you and your team to continue achieving marketing success. So take a listen to some valuable tips for your business and learn more about Una Brown and Other People’s Data.

See below for her final words of advice for Marketing Success!


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