Covet Collection Shapewear from Queen of the Crop

Nzinga Graham-Smith embodies her brand through her alias – Queen of the Crop. She states that it signifies a woman’s success, courage and beauty. Passionate about championing the brilliance of women, and keen to use her own experience as a new mother to make a difference, Nzinga established the Covet Collection shapewear designed with women of colour in mind, to support them to unleash their inner confidence; and it’s very reasonably priced!

Nzinga comes into the studio to tell us about the collection, how you can purchase yours, her journey into the world of retail, and how you can do it too and how you can win your own shapewear!

Learn more about Covet Collection and Purchase Yours Now and Get 30% off! Email Nzinga.

Part 2:


* ‘The Clincher’ (Camisole)
* ‘The Superbody’ (Bodysuit)
* ‘The Hourglass’ (Slip Dress)
* ‘The Pins’ (Hi Waist Long Leg Shorts)
* ‘The Peach’ (Hi Waist Knickers)

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