The Black Pay Gap Debate

Black workers earn less than their white counterparts at all levels of education!

Research from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has found that there is a disparity in earnings for black workers, whom are educated to a similar level as their white counterparts, with the difference in average pay rates in excess of 20% in some cases.

The research suggests there is a 23% gap in hourly pay between black and white university graduates. Black people with A-levels were paid 14% less on average than white workers with equivalent qualifications, while those with GCSEs faced a deficit of 11%.

This is further compounded by the fact that Black people have less chance of being recruited in the first place. A study conducted by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, found British ethnic minority graduates were between 5% and 15% less likely to be employed than their white British peers six months after graduation.

But is this just about institutionalised racism, as has been the suggestion, or is there more to it?

Rakeem and I discuss the state of affairs and ask why there is such a disparity in pay between black and white workers?

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