Bilderberg Group

The influential Bilderberg Policy Conference takes place this weekend, and you might expect that the majority of attendees would be world leaders as well as Kings and Queens.  However this influential list, historically shrouded in secrecy, is now available for the public to see and some interesting names appear, including a only three serving European prime minister’s, and very few members of the world’s will family but instead is occupied with the likes of Ed balls, the former shadow chancellor of the exchequer, and are serving chancellor George Osborne.

So who is the Bilderberg Group?  Who has formed part of this exclusive membership over the years?  And what is this annual conference all about?  Are discussions which are formed around European strategy and the war on terror truly isolated to just discussion, or are the conspiracy theories worth considering?

During this segment, I’ll take a look and who the Bilderberg Group are according to sources, and provide more details about the attendees of this now infamous yet exclusive collection of what appears to be the world’s who’s who.

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