Are you using your Smart Phone Wisely?

Most mobile phone users have a smartphone, whether it was by choice or not, but are you using your Smart Phone wisely?

Smart phones are called smart, because of their capabilities. In addition to being a phone, these days they operate very similar to personal computers and tablets from which you can run your business, and certainly run your life.
It should be noted that the smartphone therefore becomes only a smart as our abilities to use it. I confess outside of making calls, my smartphone helps me to send messages, keep up to date with the sports results and has become my go to satellite navigation system since mine was stolen. Yet when it comes to business, its use is often not fully utilised. Apart from responding to emails on the go, and managing my diary, it has not always being used as wisely as it could have.

Therefore in this segment, I’m looking at apps that can help you run your business. Some may be perfect for you, others may not; some will attract a small fee while others will be free. However in a fast paced business setting these days, the ability to use every possible moment, without having to wait until your computer or laptop is available to you is becoming increasing invaluable. So find how we can truly make our phones Smart!

If you want to learn more, follow the links.
Skype enables you to make online video and phone calls as well as messaging functionality and the ability to send files from your PC, tablet or smartphone
Evernote helps you remember things, giving you a central repository of notes that you can access from anywhere.
GoodReader allows tablet users to transfer files between their handheld device and their computer, via Wi-Fi, cloud network, FTP or email server. This means businesses can access files on all their devices.
– With QuickOffice, you can create and edit Microsoft Office files.

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