Are Awards & Accolades in your Marketing Plan?

Having been nominated for an award recently, and then subsequently winning it, I can honestly say that winning an award is great! But more than that it’s an opportunity!

Inexpensive and accessible to all, winning industry awards and accolades can be an excellent way to gain recognition, more business, and helps you to stand out from your competitors! As well as attracting more attention, nominations and awards help to build your visibility and credibility as a professional and business.

So is it part of your Marketing Plan? If, not then it may be worth considering the following: –
•    You don’t have to wait for someone else to nominate you! Some awards will allow you to nominate yourself or your business, if not then ask your colleagues / network for a nomination.
•    Identify industry specific awards to go for. Nominations can be a time consuming process, and so be selective and focus on areas where you are most likely to succeed.
•    Learn from your Competitors! Take a look at their websites to see what awards they have won!
•    Remember to recognise your People as well as your Business.

And, when you win…remember to: –
•    Distribute Press Releases
•    Use the Awards Logo, and
•    Spread the news on Social Media

Now you know what to do, click here, for an extensive list of Awards & Accolades that may suit you or your colleagues with the nomination details. You may also be interested in,
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