Approaches to Investment – What Matters?

In order to create wealth we must invest.  Self-investment and developing appropriate mind-set is just one aspect of this journey, but knowing how to approach investment, particularly in the stock market can be the difference between investment success and failure.

With the news headlines recently highlighting issues in Greece and the Eurozone, China going bust, as well as various atrocities including the Tunisian massacre, I’m asking how the headlines can impact our financial decisions, and exploring what we indeed should be taking into account when we are deciding where to put our money.

Plus I am also sharing with you specific approaches to investment.  Should you use the Fundamental Analysis Approach to stock market investment or would you prefer to use the Technical Analysis Approach?  By understanding the key factors to take into consideration when deciding where to put your money, and how to gather and analyse that information, you can indeed create stock market success and a thriving portfolio.

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